Elisabeth enabled me to progress considerably on the objectives identified for my coaching in only 8 2-hour sessions. This success is especially due to her exceptional sensitivity, her ability to adapt her methods to the needs of her client and the complete trust I placed in her from the very start of our work. 
She has both the ability to put you at your ease, make you challenge yourself, force you to do what it takes to progress. 
She manages very well the fine line that lies between coaching and a therapy session. I highly recommend Elisabeth to anyone interested in coaching, for themselves or their team !

Cédric V., manager, Group Danone

We had two reasons to experiment equicoaching: We have known Elisabeth for a long time and intuitively, we thought that if she had chosen this route, we should test its performance. Our team was left badly scarred by the economic difficulties of 2009 and the restructuring decisions we were forced to make; we had to dress our wounds and build up the foundations of a fresh start. Elisabeth rigorously prepared our 2-day course. She ran it with great delicacy and was able to adapt to our constraints. Monique backed her up discretely. Jérôme allowed us to make the most of the exercises with the horses. Everyone and the whole team were able to conduct this introspection with the right degree of emotion. We achieved both our objectives and Christine made us a wonderful souvenir photo album. Thank you to the whole team.

Jean-Jacques Gressier,
General Manager
Accor Service Academy

This seminar fulfilled my objectives 100%. It enabled my team to understand each other better, to create links, ask personal questions and share rare emotions. The horse highlights the impact of people’s behaviour on those around them… pure happiness! To be repeated…

Gilles Rabergeau, Director ETSCAF (Group Air Liquide)

I learnt a lot, especially observing the participants and listening to Jérôme about what happens in the instant of the relation between the person and the horse. Also in decoding my emotions and above all, their impact on the horse: amazing. The immediacy between the emotion felt and the relationship with the horse, like when you feel good and in harmony with it, we were only one entity, a bit like I breathe in and out, I observe, feel, smile, relax… Bravo for your trio, “actor and observer”, “sensitive and educational”, “attentive to perceptions”…

Annie Morelli, outplacement consultant, LEE HECHT HARRISON (group ALTEDIA)

Thanks to Elisabeth, Jérôme and Bernard for their implication before, during and after our seminar and for making this a really special moment for our team. Before I was convinced, but now I am persuaded that this work with the horse as “partner” can bring as much to the group as to the individual in the short and long-term, and that it is a phenomenal resource… Thank you for this enriching experience and best wishes.

François Tailleu, director, Leroy-Merlin, Saint-Chamond