Kanyo Consulting offers horse-assisted coaching sessions – an original experiential educational method that decentres the traditional relationship between the coach and the trainee.

For whom
Kanyo Equicoaching® is aimed at leaders, managers, teams, and at coaches and relationship professionals.

Equicoaching® is a powerful approach, especially suited to those who, in a professional context, need to work on themselves to develop their communication skills and natural authority. Working with a third party, in this case a “four-legged coach” (the horse), is immediately eye-opening. This rapid feedback gives rise more easily to behaviour-correcting actions, and thanks to special tools, to the development of a person’s relational and emotional intelligence.

An experimental method from the United States and developed for several years in Europe, equicoaching® uses the relationship with horses to:
- provide participants with feedback that is without complacency or malice
- enable them to immediately experiment more suitable behaviour
- anchor lessons learned and transpose them into their professional context

Without danger
Yes. Equicoaching® is accessible to all in complete safety and requires no equestrian skills. The exercises are always performed on foot in the presence of a qualified riding instructor.

Kanyo Consulting is a qualified member of the European association for horse-assisted education and a certified partner of HorseDream.

Download the EAHAE brochure in PDF format